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Project Soar

Project Soar was a community wide effort by The Revolving Museum and its founder Jerry Beck to create the world's largest paper airplane in Fitchburg, MA. The structure was successful in making the Guinness World Record. The plane was covered in artwork made and donated from all over the Fitchburg community. This massive public art project was a tribute to Fitchburg's history in the paper mills and managed to use art to bring the community closer together to accomplish this project. 

I designed this logo keeping in mind the many different members of the community that all took part in bringing this idea into a reality. This paper airplane was touched by the minds and hearts of over 1000 artists, youth, and community members. Each color is meant to recognize the contribution of so many groups and individuals that was essential to the success of the project. Look up The Revolving Museum's PROJECT SOAR to see its amazing success story!

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