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Hello! I am a graphic designer with an undergraduate degree from Fitchburg State University. I have studied Graphic Design, Business, and Spanish and have completed a senior capstone project focused on (maritime) History and Design. 

I am from Essex, Massachusetts where I grew up on or near the ocean almost every day of my life. This experience gave me a healthy appreciation and love for the outdoors and the beauty of mother nature. It has always had a strong influence on much of my art and design work as well as my early part time jobs. Generations of my family have been fishermen on the North Shore, and I have worked both on and off the water since my first job. Even though my background is based in a small fishing village, I am passionate about traveling. I believe in seeing as much of the world as possible. Introducing yourself to new people and new cultures can be eye-opening and create a sense of global community that sparks empathy for those around you. 

I love taking on new challenges in life and in my design. I believe that design and art have the power to provoke and expand thought and conversation. Artists and designers have a wonderful ability to see everyday objects and situations in ways that others do not, along with the ability to visually share those perspectives. I feel that there is always room to keep growing and learning as a designer and as a person. Keeping an open mind and welcoming new experiences is essential to the expansion of knowledge and art. 

Check out my resume to see what I've done!

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