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Ocean Pollution

I designed this piece to submit to Amber Haney's ARTivism Initiative: Postcard Project. This project encouraged artists to pick a social issue that they are passionate about and create art based on that topic. The second piece of the project was to create a reverse side of the postcard, addressing the artwork to a person or organization that can affect the change you seek. 

Coming from a family of fisherman, I have always been very passionate about keeping our oceans clean. Fisherman have a unique perspective on just how much trash pollutes our oceans and rivers and how that pollution interacts with the animals that live there. I designed this piece to try to show people the life cycle of pollution through a cigarette. Cigarette butts get thrown on the ground, then they get washed into our waters, then they are ingested by sea creatures, which fishermen sell for public consumption. We are, essentially, polluting ourselves along with all the other plants and animals.  

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